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1944 TD Class # 54 Ft. Hood, TX


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The OCS Foundation is the largest association of OCS/OTS/OTC graduates in the world, encompassing the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, as well as Reserve and National Guard units.

Conceived with the advent of ArmyOCS.com, the OCS Foundation is the parent organization of more than fifteen major web sites, hundreds of alumni and class pages. OCSF websites serve over 500,000 members, gowing by over 5,000 new members a month and completing over 35,000,000 visitors interactions annually.

In every candidate there is one common denominator ‘Leadership’. This is the rare characteristic that drives each one of us to forever be the best that we can be. For Candidates “Follow Me” is not simply a motto; it is our way of life.

The time spent attending Officer Candidate or Officer Training School is short relative to your career yet few experiences in life will ever match it. Upon reflection, it is a most memorable time. You are tested to your mental and physical limits and dig deep inside yourself to maintain a sense of purpose. No candidate ever enjoyed the program, but every candidate emerged a better person. It is the toughest program you will ever love.

Those who preceded you have gone on to become leaders in industry and public servants of our great country. Alumni of OCS/OTS/OTC include Medal of Honor recipients, Senator Robert Dole, General Tommy Franks, Major Richard Winters and numerous active duty generals, admirals, and staff officers as well as thousands of reserve officers. In the private sector, the halls of corporate America are filled with our graduates.

The OCS Foundation is dedicated to serving candidates, graduates and their families. We promote the mission and preserve the history of officer candidate schools through our online presence and community programs. Additional OCS Foundation sites include OCS History, Officer Families and Army Basic.

New programs and services are currently underway to further enhance our services and programs. The most exciting project under development is the new O/Club. Scheduled to open late 2008, the O/Club is being developed as a site where Officers, regardless of their commissioning routes, may exchange ideas and thoughts within the privacy of their own online community.

We invite your active participation in our many online forums, class web site programs, alumni reunion activities and family services. Join us today and make a real difference to those who are serving now, and those who served with you.

Most importantly, the OCS Foundation exists to serve you and your family. Please let us know if there is there is anything that we can do to improve the quality and scope of the services we offer to you.

On behalf of the entire OCSF organization, we welcome your support and participation.


Russell B. Watson, Chairman
Officer Candidate Schools Foundation

Carl D Jones, President
Officer Candidate Schools Foundation

"Be convinced that to be happy means to be free and that to be free means to be brave. Therefore do not take lightly the perils of war." - Thucydides

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Submit personal memoirs of your time at OCS/OTS/OTC and your subsequent experiences to the OCS Foundation.

Your story will be cataloged in our history archives and forwarded to the national archives at the Library of Congress.

The First OCS Class
OCS Class 1-1941

To this day more than 750,000 men and women have followed in their footsteps.

We salute those who lead the way

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